Cast and Crew

Nicole Shadi Tchounga

Nicole is the voice of Nurse Jennie. This is Nicole’s second voice acting credit. She has additional credits in new media, feature film, commercials, music videos, and behind the camera work! She is very excited to have this work come out, and is extremely grateful for the cast and hardworking crew for bringing it all together!

Justin Stirewalt

Justin is the voice of the well-meaning, yet sometimes overbearing Dr. Why. Justin knew he wanted to get into voice acting from the moment he saw the behind the scenes footage of Robin Williams recording his lines as the Genie and is so thrilled to be launching with this incredible podcast. He hopes to do many more voice acting projects in the future!

Spencer Frankeberger

Spencer is the voice of Dr. Terrier. Spencer is an actor, award-winning director and producer, and an improviser. He is a graduate of iO West, Second City Hollywood, and ComedySportz LA. He is also a board-certified music therapist. Recent credits: The Really Awesome Improv Show at Second City Hollywood, award-winning musicals at Hollywood Fringe, Magic for Humans (Netflix), and Nice to Meet You (Youtube). He is a huge theme park enthusiast with a theme park podcast called Theoretical Thrills (IG/TikTok: @spencer101f;

Courtney Archerd

Courtney is the co-creator, co-writer, sound designer, and producer for Patient 33 and also is the voice of Janitor Fisher. They’re a huge fan of giraffes and dabble in unpaid interning.

Eve Gershon

Eve is the co-creator, co-writer, and editor of Patient 33. She also voices Detective Crunch! Eve is pursuing a film degree at Chapman University. She is also an intern with The Cartel management company and one of the editors for the podcast, Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso.

Kira Goldberg

Kira is a co-creator of Patient 33 and is the voice of the notorious Dr. Homely. Kira is a double major in Theatre and Television at Chapman University. In her free time Kira enjoys photography, writing poetry, running, and eating vegan foods.

Jake Needham

Jake is the sound engineer for Patient 33. Jake is also the voice of Dr. Cartwright. When he’s not playing Cartwright, he’s either playing the guitar or pondering mortality. That’s probably all you need to know about him. 

Nathan Zingg

Nathan is the glorious voice of Dr. Blue. Nathan is studying screenwriting at Chapman University while pursuing comedy on the side. Podcast voiceover is his latest venture!

Ian Simmons

Ian Simmons is the voice of Kurt! Ian is an avid entertainer based in the City of Angels. He dabbles in everything from singing and beatboxing to sketch comedy and, most recently, voice acting! He is stoked to be a part of this awesome Patient 33 cast, and even more stoked to be voicing the iconic role of Kurt.

Amanda Lashmit

Amanda is the voice of Nurse Margie. She has performed in community theater productions for a couple decades, has started branching out into student films, and even lends her voice to a couple podcasts. She likes to tell stories and dabbles in fiction writing and photography for fun.

Nanci Kelham

Nanci is the voice of Dr. Keller Drexler. Nanci is originally from a small island called Guernsey which is located between England and France; hence the British accent. She is currently studying for a BFA in Screen Acting at Chapman University. Patient 33 is her first podcast and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hopes that you enjoy listening! 

Rachel Othon

Rachel is the voice of Charlie! She is a Television Writing and Production student at Chapman University. She is a young writer and actor who made her start in theater as a young child. Outside of listening to Taylor Swift, Rachel also enjoys writing, watching bad movies, and hanging out with some milkshakes and some friends. Check out her insta @r.othon!

Riley Thomas Stewart

Riley is the voice of Jack. He has lent his voice to a few characters over the years, but by far his favorite was helping his friends out on Patient 33. He’s excited for you to listen to this exciting new podcast and hear from his character Jack!

Abby Little

Abby Little is the dialogue editor for Patient 33. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Broadcast Journalism and Documentary at Chapman University. She is passionate about social, environmental, and political issues and is driven to tell stories that seek understanding and education. Most notably, she has made videos surrounding California’s wildfires and their environmental and emotional effects.

Ryan Lew

Ryan Lew is the composer for Patient 33. Ryan is a music composer for media and is currently studying Music Composition and Film Production at Chapman University. He loves to tell stories through his music and also enjoys listening to other people’s stories as well, whether that would be through film, video games, and other various forms of media. For fun, he likes to play various boardgames with his friends and family.

Lucille Wright

Lucille is the graphic designer for Patient 33.